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We at Dr.Templeton M.D. welcomes you and your family to our 
Our mission is to make Family Medicine the entry point for all
medical care.  We strive to treat the majority of medical problems for
your convenience.  This website will address the most common
questions people ask us.  We hope that, in making you more
knowledgeable of the many service we offer, we will be able to offer 
more personalized care.

A good doctor/patient relationship is based on understanding.
We make a sincere effort to explain details about your condition
and treatment.  If you have any questions or suggestions 
regarding our service or your condition, please feel free to talk
with us.   We are here to treat you when you are ill and to help
maintain your good health whenever possible.  Stay healthy and.......

We are Accepting New Patients

Contact Dr H. Wayne Templeton MD to make an appointment (770) 944-0811! Walk-ins are accepted too so feel free to visit them at 3875 Austell Road suite 303 Austell, Georgia 30106 Monday through Friday 8 am - 5:30 pm.